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3 a.m. [25 Mar 2004|11:39am]

someday all this will end

and i'll be left alone

staring at the remnants of

the shimmering curve of hues

in the black sky

wishing it never came

wishing i was forever surrounded

by a thick gray haze

not knowing how it feels

to live in a world filled with color--

this ignorance will numb my heart

and save me from drowning later

but it's too late

for i have already seen

and felt happiness

happiness which everyone knows

is temporary

should one embrace happiness

and long for it when it flees

or run away from it

and drown in regrets later

if only one could just float

in fate's flowing waters

there would be no need

to think or decide

confusion will no longer linger

in one's mind

but such isn't possible

we all have to drown

and taste the salty waters

taste our bittersweet tears

and so i shall sit here

under the sun and the stars

and patiently wait

for rain's arrival.

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